“You’re still the same you”

Conversation on a Facebook page about loneliness, and how people with chronic illness / disability / impairment are more prone. I say, I worry that I’ve been ill so long now, I’m drifting off into a different world where it’s harder for my friends to relate to me. Falling out of the loop. Someone else says, but you’re still the same you.
Am I? What makes us who we are? We don’t any longer believe in a true self, but one that is constructed, and therefore changes over time and with experiences. The “me” that used to rant on about social work issues is not the same as the “me” that now rants on about disability ones. Why would I expect my friends to be interested in either, to follow me down my own changing patterns? Hopefully, because I can find something interesting to say, about either. And about what they’re interested in too. But I start to feel more belongingness in the disability world than in the healthy ones. And envy of what friends can do that I can’t. Sometimes I’d rather not see your holiday pics on Fb.
These aren’t things I like in myself, but they’re things I observe.

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