cuteness & delays

First day of kindegarten for the miniest munchkin in our mix. While he has a larger than life personality, he also can’t talk properly thanks to a significant speech delay. Which means his personality is that of a funny 9 year old, which comes through the speech abilities of a 2 year old. Rather unique, this one.

Recently I asked my partner why he so ‘strongly dislikes’ (he used a different word, I just struggle writing such a sentiment) our kids’ first parents/birth parents. My partner turns, doesn’t say anything to me, and shouts over to mini munchkin ‘hey munch, say your ABC’s.’ ¬†Our five year old kindegartner has never been able to do his ABCs properly (he drops off after about G), nor his numbers. So, he looks at my partner blankly; my partner turns back to me and says ‘yep, that about sums it up’.

While I don’t hate nor strongly dislike the kids’ first parents, I do get the intense frustration that our children – mostly the two youngest, who experienced the most drug abuse & trauma at early ages – have such delays that were so preventable. Delays they live with every day, forever. Most of the time, you live with it because it’s your normal; everyone has something wonky that they live with in their lives. But school transitions always point it out fresh to me, because you’re telling their teachers and LRTs all over again about everything, and you’re watching your child not live up to where the rest of the class is, etc.

I think, for the most part, I feel mostly indifference to their first parents. They are people who are important to my kids, and we see a few times a year, and that’s it.

But man, is he cute. This morning he woke up and told me I had to move the coffee table in the living room, because he needed to do his ‘ekercising’ (exercising), of his ‘fwon fwip an back woll’ (front flip and back roll).

It is a good thing they’re cute.

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